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OTTERNEST Dinfectant Chamber (ODC)

Otternest Medical Supplies

The creation of the chamber aims to prevent and limit the spread of infectious diseases, especially in the
current situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

Application Method
Mobile disinfectant chamber to be installed in areas at high risk of COVID-19 infections such as quarantine areas containing people infected with COVID-19, as well as at hospitals, supermarkets, railway and bus stations, airports, offices, schools, and other crowded areas.

Product Methodology
360-degree fog mist sprayer using an OES solution which is a powerful disinfectant against bacteria and

Usage/Product manual.(maintenance)
It automatically activates the disinfection spraying process once a person steps in.It only takes 30 seconds to complete a round of disinfection in each chamber. It is estimated that each chamber can disinfect up to 1,000 people per day.


  • Stainless Steel Frame w Perspec(Clear)
  • 1 unit Pump with mist Mist Spray system
  • 1 unit Otternest Disinfectant Chamber – 40L machine

Operation Requirement:

  • Electricity
  • Water Supply
  • Otternest Electrolyte Solution

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